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My Journey

Everyone's spiritual journey begins somewhere. Once we begin we are always in process. We learn in stages to trust our lives to God, allowing God to shape every aspect of our lives from how we relate to other people, to how we pray, to how we volunteer. Each spiritual journey takes a unique path, yet all spiritual journeys pass through similar territory. My Journey provides a tool to help you assess where you are in your spiritual journey across nine areas of life and what concrete steps you can take to grow.

For Individuals

For individuals My Journey begins with a Social Research Lab*-validated questionnaire that gathers information about one's attitudes and activities. A custom algorithm correlates questionnaire responses to stages of spiritual growth and produces a visual summary. Individuals can choose any of nine areas in which they would like to grow, and My Journey offers a personalized list of suggested activities and practices to help with that growth.

Individuals can take the My Journey questionnaire again and again over time, visually comparing results and gaining insight into which growth practices are proving most effective and which areas of life would benefit the most from additional attention.

*The My Journey tool has been empirically validated by The Social Research Lab at the University of Northern Colorado (www.unco.edu/srl) which is run by Josh Packard, Ph.D.

For Churches

For churches, My Journey supports strategic programming decisions by providing a visual summary of congregational spiritual maturity, revealing in which areas of life congregation members most need tools for growth. My Journey also supports evaluation of programming effectiveness by showing over time how congregation members' spiritual growth has responded to programming choices. Finally, My Journey provides insight into congregational programming desires by summarizing which activities congregation members most frequently choose in pursueing their spiritual growth.

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